We pride ourselves in the quality of our Cast Stone

When developing our range, in semi-dry, wet-cast and fibre reinforced a real attention to detail went into the sourcing and grading of the products we use. We found when testing the strength and longevity of various standard range products, opting for a consistently high grade of raw materials soon made a big difference. It is the reason why we import our cement from Europe, because we have found it easier to ensure a consistently high grade of raw material.

By default we offer 4 standard range colours as well as 4 premium range colours however within reason our team our able to produce bespoke colour and texture options upon special request. 

Our products are predominantly Dry Cast and each unit is individually hand manufactured due to the delicacy during the early stages of forming. Once released from the mould, each unit is left to cure for a minimum of 7-10 Days to ensure the required strength is achieved.