Process of Order to Shipping

Browse Our Range

Browse our range available in our online catalog to get a feel for what you are looking for. If you don’t see something you are looking for there could be the option to go down the bespoke project route.

Speak to our Team

Our team handle a variety of projects all day long and are fantastic at understanding feasibility of any request from the off. Let’s say for example it maybe a little challenging our team will be able to work with you to find a practical and feasibly resolution.

Submit for Quotation

To start the ball rolling simply submit your request in writing for what products you are after or you could speak with our team and arrange to submit a suitable drawing of the project plans and our team can do the hard work for you. This also allows us to gain a greater understanding of the project and can offer further guidance in regards to sizing and install where nessesary.

Approve Quote

Once you have received your quote back and our happy with it we can then begin submitting your order through for manufacture.

Mould Preparation

First stage of manufacture is to prepare the various moulds to produce your items. All of our standard range moulds go through a vigorous servicing process after a certain number of uses to ensure product quality. Adjustments are then also made to tailor the sizing of your items or maybe even bespoke lettering. If you are choosing a fully bespoke item our team will custom build a mould for your specific request.


Each mix is freshly made in small batches to ensure structural integrity during casting. Mixes are formed through our recipes of various aggregates and pigments to obtain the required colour and finish.


Our stones are hand cast to allow multiple quality checkpoints throughout the forming process. This allows us to ensure crisp edges on our items when removed from moulds.


Items are removed from their moulds after the first stage of curing takes place overnight. These are then left in an open air environment to cure further during the following 7-10 days. This allows them to be structurally safe to handle and install on site.


Our team will arrange with you to confirm delivery to site or to confirm collection and they’re then ready for you to use.